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Progressture Solar is a Solar Investor & highly experienced Solar Engineering, Procurement, and Commissioning (EPC) Company in Malaysia.

We have been involved in the construction & financing of various solar projects with a total solar capacity more than 50 Megawatts (MW), from commercial buildings & factories to large-scale solar farms. In conjunction with the nationwide initiative to transition into Solar Energy, we are also entitled to provide attractive solar adoption schemes with solar programs such as NEM 3.0, SELCO, and LSS.

We’re focused on progressing the adoption of Solar Energy, we seek to empower businesses to become carbon-free without requiring an exorbitant amount of upfront resources. To achieve this, we provide an all-around service and consultancy for our clients together with easy financing options from our investment partners.

As our projects varied in size and category, this has enabled our team to respond flexibly to meet the different requirements of our clients. Together with our professional engineers, & strategic solar partners, we are working to build a future in which public institutions & commercial enterprises transition smoothly into renewable energy via solar technology as they were entrusted to be—to create a future which we have been promised, a world dependant on only renewable energy.

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Our solar technology

We work with the world's top solar brands

Find out how much you can save with our FREE ROI Assessment

How one of our client saved up to RM1.2 Million of Electricity Cost in just 3 years after adopting Solar Power

We are very happy with the professionalism of Progressture Solar and impressed with the amount of energy and tax saving we can achieved after installing solar system our rooftop.

Mr Richard wong

CEO OF Gxxx xxx Sdn. Bhd.

RM 430k


Generated by solar panels each year for the first

5 years! With much more >5 years!


Annual Savings

From reduction in current electricity bill! Total Savings of RM 11mil across 25 years

RM1.14 Mil

Tax Savings

From GITA and capital allowance incentives in the first 5 years

3 Years

Payback Period

Between 3-4 years to recuperate initial capital layout for solar investment

Find out how much you can save with our FREE ROI Assessment

Incentives to Go Solar Now

NEM 3.0

To continue to encourage the uptake of the Malaysia’s Renewable Energy (RE), the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources (KeTSA) has announced the new NEM3.0 scheme to incentivise Solar Adoption.


When you install a solar PV system onto your own rooftop and fully utilize all the solar energy generated from it, it will be considered as SELCO in which any excess will not be exported to the grid


Enjoy Double Tax Incentives when you go Solar with us,

You would be entitled for double tax incentives from the government upon outright purchase of the solar system


Have a full peace of mind with your solar energy system, we provide full coverage insurance for loss, repairs & maintenance

How do we get started?

As an experienced solar energy investor, we provide high-quality turnkey solar solutions from financing, consultation, installation, maintenance and monitoring for our clients.

Get a fREE Assessment

Get a free report from our solar consultants to find out how much money you can save.

Understand Your ROI.

get a Personalised Solar Plan

with easy financing options, insurance coverage & tax saving incentives.

Choose Your Best Way To Proceed.

Adopt Solar Energy with ease

we will install & maintain for you, and you get to enjoy 25 years of risk free energy generation.

Sit Back & Enjoy your Savings.

Start Your Solar Journey With Us Now

Find out how much you can save with our FREE ROI Assessment

Two Ways To Own Your Solar Energy System.

We are a Solar Investor and EPCC, we can either facilitate your own purchase or we can invest in you through easy financing options.

SPPA (Fully Financed)

Enjoy ZERO upfront cost. Pay only for the solar energy generated at a solar tariff lower than your current TNB tariff.

Upfront Cost

Upfront Cost paid by Investors (Progressture Solar)


You (upon the completion of your payment term)

Monthly Payment

Pay for energy produced at lower tariff rates


Yes (Guaranteed for 25 Years)

Payment Term

Up to 25 years

Extra Benefits

Monitoring and maintenance is taken care throughout the contract period

Outright Purchase

You can make a one off payment to PROGRESSTURE SOLAR to own the system instantly.

Upfront Cost

Outright Purchase


You (upon the completion of your payment term)

Monthly Payment

No Monthly Payments


Yes (Guaranteed for 25 Years)

Payment Term

Paid in Full

Extra Benefits

Monitoring and maintenance is free during the first THREE (3) years of term

Are you ready to save money?

Find out how much you can save with our FREE ROI Assessment

Our Client Testimonials

If you are looking for a Good & Reliable Solar Company, get Progressture Solar.


Managing Director of KXX Sdn Bhd

Getting Solar System is very easy from the start, Progressture Solar answered all our questions and able to bring us through step by step, from amount of saving, tax incentive, government incentive and the most advanced solar technology.




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